Fiscal Consultancy Services Cluj

Fiscal consultancy is an important domain that can generate significant pluses, especially in those cases where legislation lacks or leaves room for debate, being deemed necessary for the smooth running of a company. As services, one can offer solutions to reduce tax rates in relation to increased profitability for client companies.

Of the most important activities, we would like to mention:

  • Making appeals of any kind (against summary records check-ups, etc.);
  • Consultancy regarding foreign exchange regulations, import-export operations, Customs Code, avoiding double taxation, international transactions;
  • Identifying all taxes and contributions pertaining to a company;  
  • Assisstance during the fulfillment of tax obligations;
  • Tax analysis, VAT related issues consultancy, tax on profits or income tax, direct and indirect taxes, payroll taxes, social insurance etc.;
  • Analyzing and settling various problems related to the compliance with the EU regulations;
  • Analyzing and solving the various problems related to the repatriation of profits, tax solutions for maximazing investments;
  • Tax planning.

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