Accounting Services Cluj

Generally, accounting services comprise a great range of activities such as compiling, gathering and registering of documents as well as interpreting the results. Such services are:

  • Cash book bookkeeping;
  • Goods received notes bookkeeping (GRNs);
  • Drawing up and registering the reimbursement of expenses worksheets;
  • Drawing up the invoices that need to be issued by the client (invoicing) and their registration;
  • Drawing up payment orders/cash orders to the cahier’s office and their registration;
  • Writing receipts, checks, payment orders, deposit slips and their registration;  
  • Drawing up payrolls, time sheets;
  • Filling in the register of employees, etc.;
  • Value based comprehensive inventory management, records of quantity and value of goods entered, as applicable, and compiling the analytical balance of stocks;
  • Drawing up the trial balance as well as the analytical balance sheets;
  • Drawing up the accounting journals provided by the law: the Journal of Accounting, the Inventory Book, the General Ledger;
  • The analytical and synthetic balance sheet of clients, suppliers;
  • Fixed assets trial balance, depreciation calculation;
  • Calculation of the income tax or of the income tax for microenterprises, as applicable, drawing up and submitting the declarations within the legal deadlines;
  • Calculation of the dividend tax, drawing up and submitting the declarations concerning the dividend tax;
  • Calculation of the income tax of non-residents natural and legal persons;
  • Drawing up VAT returns and submitting them within the legal deadline;
  • Consolidating trial balances for groups of companies and transfering them into the balance sheet;
  • Drawing up other statements or reports required bu the legislation in force;
  • Drawing up external financial statements to partners, suppliers or external clients, if the object of the activity requires it;
  • Regularly informing the management on the economic and financial situation of the company;
  • Constant and timely information of the company’s management regarding the fiscal and financial and accounting regulations;
  • Regular information on changes in tax legislation regarding the beneficiary’s activity;
  • Taking part in audit accounts performed by the competent authorities responsible with carrying out financial and tax audits.



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